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May 1, 2024

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ekundayo finds balance by indulging in hobbies like football and music. These personal interests not only rejuvenate his spirit but also contribute to his overall well-being and success as a painter.

Interviewer: What inspired you to become a house painter?

Ekundayo Jomzy: My love for colors ignited my passion for house painting. Witnessing people excel in the field after just four years piqued my interest and fueled my determination to pursue this profession.

Interviewer: How long have you been painting houses, and what sparked your interest in this profession?

Ekundayo Jomzy: It's been four years now since I delved into house painting. Seeing individuals thrive in the industry inspired me to explore this creative avenue and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to it.

Interviewer: Can you describe your typical day as a house painter?

Ekundayo Jomzy: My typical day involves dedication and commitment to my craft. I ensure exposure on every site I work on, while transportation remains a crucial aspect of my daily routine.

Interviewer: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Ekundayo Jomzy: Music gives me inspiration while painting, a sentiment only fellow painters can truly understand. The synergy between music and painting fuels my creativity and enhances my overall experience.

Interviewer: What are some common challenges you face as a house painter, and how do you overcome them?

Ekundayo Jomzy: One common challenge is transportation, but my commitment and open-mindedness to learning keep me resilient. Additionally, the misconception about the financial rewards of painting is another hurdle I encounter.

Interviewer: As someone who loves football, do you find any similarities between painting and the sport?

Ekundayo Jomzy: Interestingly, yes. Both painting and football require dedication, commitment, and a keen eye for detail to achieve success.

Interviewer: How do you incorporate your passion for music into your work as a house painter?

Ekundayo Jomzy: Music serves as a source of inspiration during my painting sessions, enhancing my focus and creativity. It's a personal touch that elevates my work and brings joy to the process.

Interviewer: Could you share a memorable experience you've had while painting a house?

Ekundayo Jomzy: After completing a house painting project, the client was so impressed with the result that they paid me double my service charge. It was a rewarding moment that validated my dedication to my craft.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in house painting?

Ekundayo Jomzy: Stay committed and open to learning. Despite the challenges, there is money in painting, and with dedication, success is achievable.

Interviewer: How do you stay motivated and inspired in your profession?

Ekundayo Jomzy: I create time for myself and indulge in hobbies like football, which rejuvenate my spirit and keep me motivated to excel in my work.

Interviewer: Can you share a bit about your background and how it has influenced your career path?

Ekundayo Jomzy: I grew up with my father, but after secondary school, I moved in with my cousin, which exposed me to new opportunities and people in the painting industry. Their encouragement bolstered my confidence and solidified my determination to pursue painting as a career.

Interviewer: How do you use social media to showcase your painting projects and connect with clients?

Ekundayo Jomzy: I leverage platforms like Instagram and Facebook to post my works and reels, allowing me to reach potential clients and showcase my expertise.

Interviewer: What are your social media handles where people can follow your work?

Ekundayo Jomzy: You can follow me on Instagram (@supreme_decoratives) and Facebook (@Ekundayo Jomzy) to stay updated on my painting projects.

Interviewer: Is there anything else you'd like to share about your journey as a house painter or any upcoming projects you're excited about?

Ekundayo Jomzy: During my journey, I attended a painting school to upgrade my skills and become an educated and decorative painter. I'm excited about the opportunities ahead and confident that my journey as a painter will continue to flourish. Amen. 🙏

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